• Easy to Use

    5 Minutes is Good Enough to Master it

  • Rich Modules

    Number of Modules Growing Everyday

  • Extensible

    Collect and Build Your Module Libraries

Eustia will scan your source code to find strings that match the pattern util.method, util = require('./util') or import {...} from './util', then generates a JavaScript library containing only the methods you have used. It provides most of underscore's functions and some other useful small modules, for example, Class, cookie helpers. You can also collect and build your own modules to create libraries for multiple projects.

Eustia screen shot


You can install Eustia using Node Package Manager(npm).

npm install -g eustia

Quick Example

Suppose you want to use trim function in index.html, just write the code down as follows:

    <meta charset="utf-8"/>
    <script src="util.js"></script>
    var projectName = _.trim(' Eustia ');
    // Some code...

Run command:

eustia build

The tool will scan you html code and generate a file name util.js (Default output file name). And that is it, everything is just done!